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Feedback from visitors

  • “Very nice trip indeed!”  –  Wojtek & Nikolai, Poland
  • “Really really cool trip! A very beautiful cave! Enjoyed it very much!”  –  Jacqueline, France
  • “Thank you very much for a great adventure!”  –  Fam. Pettersson, Finland
  • “A very pleasing and interesting visit” –  Nev + Carola, England
  • ” Thank you very much for a fun tour!”  –  Diana Sherwood, USA
  • “Unbelievable! Was a lot of fun!” –  Cathy, Australia
  • “Enjoyed the adventure – good tour / excellent guide” –  Kim Soari, Wisconsin, USA
  • “Very good and interesting tour”  –  Linda & Hans, Belgium
  • “Thank you for the guiding – my trip to Europe wouldn’t be the same without it”  –  Jenny Holmes, Canada
  • “An excellent adventure!”  –  Gordon Mattews, Newcastle
  • “It was the most exciting cave we have ever visited. You really felt like being in wild surroundings, not like a typical tourist-hole!” –  Maud & Kirsti, Estland